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Agilent Instruments

Labserv Service (PM), Repair and Qualify (OQ) all Agilent HPLC, UPLC, GC and Mass Spectroscopy instruments. Providing highly trained, pharma complaint and application based engineers who maintaining Agilent instruments to the peak of their performance, regardless of the age of the instrument….you’ll never have to second-guess the quality of your service.

Service & Uptime Support contracts are tailored to meet the requirements of each lab and significantly reduce the cost compared to Agilent Technologies own support. Furthermore, we’ll fully support ageing equipment that Agilent are now only able to offer limited ‘end of life’ support on. Request a quotation today>

Agilent hplc service
Other service activities Software
Transport assemble exchange/repair Chemstation
Optical bench upgrade Chemstore
Flowcell cleaning Chem access
Pump drive Security pack
Sampling units
Degasser exchange updgrade Parts supply
Pump upgrades Instrument spares
Routine PM parts


Systems supported

Agilent HPLC 1050, 1090, 1100, 1200, 1200sl, 1220, 1260, 1290, Infinity  1 & 2
Agilent GC 5890 series 1, 5890   series 2, 6890, 6890N, 6850, 7850, 7890,
Agilent GCMS 5971, 5972, 5973, 5975,5977
Agilent UV Spec 8454, 8453,   8452
Agilent Headspace 7697,   7694
Agilent Injectors 7673,   7683


Agilent Equipment Training

We’re also able to offer basic and *advanced levels of training – further information on courses can be sourced here

*’Advanced Service’ training for 1100/1200 – covering the areas described below over 2-3 days
System: Advanced diagnostics. Firmware updates. Power supplies. Leak sensors. Chemstation Comms.

1. Pump – replacement of motor drive assy, replacement of pulse damper, replacement of main board.
2. ALS – replacement of transport assembly, replacement of sampling unit, replacement of main board.
3. TCC – replacement of peltiers, replacement of fans, replacement of main board.
4. VWD/DAD – Flowcell cleaning. Lenses. Holmium filter assembly. Replacement of optical bench, replacement of fan, replacement of mainboard.

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