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Our focus is on YOUR equipment, its performance, reliability and compliance..

In addition to Chromatography equipment are able to offer direct product support on >95% of all laboratory instruments without subcontracting.  We provide consistent protocols and procedures (300+) across multiple instrument manufacturers, models and types ( helping ensure audits run smoothly).

Service plans

» Dedicated team of certified engineers

» Technical advice and troubleshooting assistance (including training courses)
» Compliance Service – IQ/OQ/PQ/PV, calibration and validations


HPLC (Liquid Chromatography) Gas Chromatography UPLC
Ion Chromatography Autosamplers CTC, HTA UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
Capillary Electrophoresis GPC Gel Electrophoresis
Advanced Systems  
GC Mass Spectrometry LC Mass Spec (ESI, API)  
General Laboratory Equipment  
Dissolution Bath Conductivity Meters Refractometers
Hygrometers Densitometers Centrifuges
pH Meters Total Organic Carbon(TOC) Water Purification
Balances Pipettes  
Temperature Apparatus  
Stability Chambers Refrigerators Freezers
Autoclaves / Furnaces Melting-point Apparatus Flash-point Apparatus
Water Baths Dish Washers Ovens, Vacuum Ovens
Incubators Thermal Analysis  
Titrators Karl Fischer  

Think of the time and money you could save not needing to manage numerous service providers from multiple manufacturers.

Agilent Elga Jenway Revco
Applied Biosystems Eppendorf KNF Neuberger Sanyo
Astell Scientific Fisher Scientific Labcaire Sartorius
Barnstead Fisherbrand Labcold Shimadzu
Beckman Coulter Fistreem LEAP
Bibby Sterilin Fitotron Leec Sorvall
Binder Weiss Gallenkamp LMS Sotax
Bruker GE LTE Tecan
Buchi Gerber Medline Techne
Calypso Gilson Memmert Thermo
Caravel Grant Mettler Toledo UHQ
Carbolite Heidolph Millipore Varian
Clifton Heraeus MSE Vinden
Cyclon Hitachi New Brunswick  Vankel
Dionex IImvac PerkinElmer Whatman
Distek Infors Prior Clave  Waters

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