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Tablet Dissolution Equipment Servicing

Labserv provide mechanical qualification (MQT) & chemical test (PVT) for Apparatus 1 and 2 as described in USP General Chapter <711>.

Our certified engineers follow the USP approved method and have years of experience in performing MQT & PVT to a consistently high standard to mitigate against all the common causes of failures during the procedure.

All leading brands supported Vankel, Sotax, Erweka, Distek, Caleva, Hanson and Pharmatest.

All disciplines covered:
Dissolution baths
Disintegration testers
Hardness Testers
Friability Testers
Tap Density
Media Preperation stations
Media degassers

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Mechanical Qualification Testing MQT

In most cases, Mechanical qualification is performed prior to PVT. Rigorous mechanical alignments and adjustments are regularly required to aid a PVT pass; Find out more here>

Performance Verification Testing PVT

The USP chemical test (PVT) is also a test of the entire procedure, including the operator, the instrumentation and the “reference standard” tablets. Find out more here >

Stay compliant, with our fully traceable documentation, data sheets, certified tools and USP trained & certified engineers.

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