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Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

Labserv – Maintenance, Support and Qualification of GC (& LC) benchtop Mass Specs.

Mass Spectrometers need regular service to keep them performing to their published specifications. PM visits ensure that the instruments are regularly inspected and tuned to avoid expensive repairs and instrument down-time. Having annual PM visit makes certain that all consumables are replaced at one time minimising any risk of unnecessary breakdowns.

Have you experienced any of the following?

Agilent 6890

Tuning problems

Air leaks

Changes in sensitivity

Problems with higher masses

Software crashes or freezes

Then – “Optimise your GCMS system!?”

  • 1. Effective maintenance – proper source cleaning and inlet maintenance

    2. Expert tuning and Evaluation (Atune.U)

    3. Upgrade the electron multiplier

    4. Maintain firmware updates

    5. Rough pump overhaul, regularly replaced oil, drain valve seals and oil mist filter.

    6. Tailored gas filtration options

  • 7. Correct choice of analytical column

  • 8. Source installed professionally

  • 9. Analytical column installed correctly

Labserv can provide manufacturer trained MS engineers at significantly less expense than going direct. We offer a full range of ‘Service & Uptime Support plans’ and even On-site GCMS training tailored to customer needs.

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Agilent GCMS – under pressure to upgrade!?

Agilent’s ‘End-of-Guaranteed-Support dates’ refer to when the inventory of spare parts is expected to expire due to them no longer being manufactured. After which time Agilent suggest they are unable to guarantee repair of these systems, which naturally raises concerns with end-users and lab managers alike;

Do you have a 5972A – more than 9 years outside Agilents guaranteed support.
Do you have a 5973A – more than 6 years outside Agilents guaranteed support
Do you have a 5973N – recently out of guaranteed support!!

GREAT NEWS: Labserv can continue to support these instrument even on a fully comprehensive basis long after Agilent cease to be able!! Allowing you to extend the life of what is otherwise a happily working instrument and upgrade when you choose (and when you can afford it..)

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