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HPLC & GC Maintenance

Labserv is the premium HPLC, GC & MS support organisations in the UK, constantly striving to offer great value for money whilst maintaining instruments perform at peak efficiency. So whether you’re looking for a basic annual maintenance, a one-time repair or an all-inclusive contract labserv is able to assist.

Agilent, Waters, Dionex, Thermo, Shimadzu, Perkin Elmer.

1)  Preventative Maintenance (PM)

Preventative Maintenance can sometimes be considered a luxury, but a pro-active approach is essential to protect asset investment and maintaining productivity.

Scheduled downtime is far less expensive, on all fronts, than non-scheduled!’

So, our annual routine PM is aimed at;

¬Preventing failure of equipment before it occurs.

¬Ensuring continued reliability of performance.

¬Minimising costly downtime/repairs

¬Extending the overall life of the instrumentation.

¬To assist in meeting audit compliance.

2) Performance Verification  (PV) 
Always performed following service & repair work to guarantee system readiness.

Typical HPLC checks performed
HPLC Pump Flow Check – 2mls/min ( 6 readings per pump )
Pump Leak check
HPLC Autosampler Injector Leak check Pressure reading 1min Auto sampler precision (6 Injections <2%)

3) Operational Qualification (OQ)

Operations Qualification is carried out at service intervals to verify the performance criteria presented by the manufacturer, to confirm the instrument satisfies its agreed metrics, is valid in the working environment by verification against traceable references.

The engineer will:

Assure the system is functioning to acceptable limits by testing relevant instrument specification parameters and ranges as determined by Labserv Ltd Operational Qualification protocol (as provided)

At the completion of the OQ all of the operational tests are documented, results validated, all relevant certificates completed and signed.

Once completed the scheduling of service and calibration intervals are then diarised automatically to ensure completion at the next interval.

Typical test protocols for a HPLC

– Pump flow rate accuracy and precision
– Gradient composition, accuracy and linearity
– Detector UV/Vis, PDA/DAD and fluorescence detector wavelength accuracy
– UV/Vis, PDA/DAD, fluorescence, refractive index,
– Autosampler Linearity injection volume precision and carry-over
– Injection volume linearity
– Column oven and tray temperature accuracy

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