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Laboratory Gas Generators

Parker Analytical Gas Chromatography Generators provide on-site, on-demand gas supply solutions for Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Zero Air.

The premium brand in the global manufacturing of laboratory gas generators, Parker delivers a consistent and high-purity gas stream – from your source to your Gas Chromatography instrument – without risk of introducing contaminants.

Whether to be used as GC carrier gas, fuel gas or make-up gas Parker’s cutting edge technology ensures the highest performance and cost efficiency.

All models are easy to install and simple to operate, with a flexible choice to suit all operating flows and configurations.

  • Carrier Gas

    Where purity is essential for the mobile phase of gas chromatography > Learn more

  • Fuel Gas

    Providing flame support for the most sensitive detection > Learn More

  • Make-up Gas

    Improve the signal and sensitivity of detection in gas chromatography > Learn more

Labserv are preferred sales partners for Parker Analytical Laboratory gas generators in the UK. Our GC experts can help identify the best solution for your requirements and supply technical support throughout the life of the generator. On-going service and maintenance packages are also available here.

For more information, technical advice or pricing please phone 01925 577 162

or email: contact@labservuk.co.uk