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“I would just like to say how pleased I was with the service carried out on our instruments. The service was carried out in an effective and timely manner. The paperwork is excellent and it is logical and well presented.”
QC Laboratory Supervisor

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Total laboratory solutions…without compromise!

Brought to you by Labserv part of the ‘next generation service model’.  Labserv provides a single source for multi-vendor lab instrument servicing, support and validation. Our customer focus and wide range of equipment expertise helps laboratories to drive productivity and manage costs.

Using highly trained, multi-skilled engineers Labserv maintain more than 95% of analytical equipment from all leading brands providing scope to make significant cost savings. ( Equipment supported includes HPLC, GC, GC Mass Spec, Dissolution systems, Titrations and many more..)

Our vendor independent, total laboratory solution also provides consistent and standardised data throughout the laboratory thus improving instrument utilisation, operational servicing and financial decision making capabilities.

Moreover, our service packages maintain quality assurance, reporting and documentation is performed to the highest regulatory standards. This avoids having to explain and defend different vendors validation interpretation during audits.

It’s simple, rather than chasing multiple vendors you only need to make one phone call, we may already be onsite!

Single source, Total Laboratory Support….!


Labserv Ireland, formed in 2009, specialising in Dissolution and general laboratory equipment titrators, ovens, balances etc.. nlg Labserv Ltd, formed in Jan 2012, specialising in high end laboratory equipment HPLC, GC, Mass Spec etc..